“Like Girls Do” by Susan Staraci

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“I hear the moan that gets lodged in your throat,” she says.  That

‘uh, uh, uh, uh,’ I do.

Just like boys do. “My Butterfly Penis!” I say. She likes


to look at my face right before I make her

cum.  “To watch your conceited gaze, “ she says.  The

point at which she knows I

have her.  “What else do you see? “ she says.  “I hear a little

girl. With a dainty voice.  Making


soft sounds,” I say. It’s more of a look on your face.  Your angles

get softer.  Like the muscles in your jaw relax. 

But if you could fit inside my skin with me and fit inside my

love for you.  You would see, you would feel all that I know. 


And you would lie there naked-unafraid.  Totally

exposed.  Like a little show-off.

Susan Staraci

– Photo by Alexis Rhone Fancher

© 2013