“MY LIFE THIS WEEK” by Bob Abramson

I feel like I’ve been led down the primrose path.
It started like a new beginning was unfolding.
I was told I was a great friend, why don’t we take it to the next level?
When I responded of my inadequacy, you left me like the wind.
The table was set, but for others.
Being left out of all the love in your house at Thanksgiving was going to be hard to take.
It appeared to your friends that you were enamored with a young marine.
You denied it.
Funny, he got the invite, I got left in the cold.
Time to move on.
Happy T.

© 2010


“Mock, Paper, Scissors” by L. K. Thayer

photo by Sandra Carlson

L. K. Thayer

I defy you to intimidate me
with your blankness
your off-whiteness
cold and aloof
lying there, laughing
waiting for me to fill you up
making me do all the work

you are a slutty virgin
a white mirage of
pretentious purity
I want to make you bleed
with my pen and pencil set
with no regrets

I detest your stare down
only I am left blinking
eyes watering
as you shred me
so thin and frail and easy
to destroy, crumple you up
and toss you to the fire

but you are

the stronger arm

the one who taunts me
who begs to be conquered
I will bloody you
til my bones weep
carve out my insides

like a


L. K. Thayer

All Rights Reserved

© 2009