“Angel In A Cage” by Ty Granderson Jones

Civil Beasts
Lovers and Freaks,
Those who dwell,
and Men who mean well.
Knights in Shining Horror
riding Nightmares to nowhere.
Political Thieves with blood shot eyes,
and nothing but untold lies.

Concrete trees
with rotten leaves,
Smoggy beaches and polluted seas.
Homeless hope
and designer dope.
Hearts bleeding for need,
A famine feed.

City Slickers
And Porno Flickers.
Record breakers.
Population makers.
Baby makers and cradle shakers,
No givers just takers,
Suicide fakers.

Kiddie Killers
and news thrillers.
Gunslingers and pussy ringers
with sweet middle fingers.

Hard hitters and bullshitters,
Drug Dealers
and Holy Healers.
Right Wingers
and Humdingers.

Arroyan Brothers
And Heartless others.
Addicted mothers
And forgotten others.

A world in a scheme
Of a real dream,
Trapped in a cool hell,
In a rage!
Like a wild angel in a cage.

Ty Granderson Jones

All Rights Reserved

© 2009