Stephen John Kalinich




Photo by L.K. Thayer

Art kills
and builds
levels all fields
strips power
from the unworthy
and thieves.
Art does not
take advantage
of the market.
Does not cave in
or pander
to the lowest
common denominator.
Real Art
is pure intent
in my opinion.
Art does not manipulate
or call garbage or dreck
and lewd expressions genius.
Art is the destruction
of the mundane.
Art must be ever fresh
create new boundaries
that enhance
and bring benefit to all beings.
Stephen John Kalinich
© 2014

Mitch Hicks – U.K.





“Canary Not Contrary”

was that a canary that flew by

no silly that was mad march

a yellow month of daffs then

more cash for the city wankers

oh i meant bankers

mothers day, st patricks day

how about coffee for the canary

they dont wharf  down coffee only dogs wharf

oh thats where boats unload then.. is that near barking

can i unload there?

Poem & snaps by Mitch Hicks

Stephen John Kalinich

In dreams
where mortals slumber
in lands unknown
i reside in molecules and seeds
a fragrance
that you sense
aroused not innocent
not drawn to praise
despising mankind
at times
slow to forgive
quick to judge
as my kind
is prone too
i renounce
a separate self
i linger on the boundary
of the invisible ocean
of thought
that swims around us
into atmospheric sea
the triumph and the fall
of all
that come into existence
as sure as it dissolves
becomes the dust
one day evaporates
breaks down
our spirit
all is inconsequential
all is insignificant
all becomes more than
what it was.
My god what angel
wouldn’t long for one breath
of the beauty of this earth
that is so fleeting
yet contains within itself
the portal
to immortal journeys
In dreams
In dreams
where nightmare scream
where none can be redeemed
or given  second chances
where the etch
is the only steady
is the motionless stillness
the mark of passage
of before matter
exploded into manifestation
out of nothingness
in dreams.
(Photo by L.K. Thayer)