Stephen John Kalinich


Omens predictions 
and exchanges
 only sorrow sees its own face
in the image
in the mirror
ignites compassion
and sacred trust
We view but through 
a dim lens
this vastness
the impeccable beauty
of a single rose
half in bloom 
among thorns
grand eloquence shines
etched in each sharp deep cut
of blood freshly drawn
with quiet gestures
we hold on to transparent 
fleeting clouds
the symphonic culminates
where the end is near
and we face our limitation
idle disconnected
 grow jaded 
while the quartets 
the cellos 
violins violas play
the final chords
while poets quote phrases
that do not really capture
what this living is
 fragile existence 
has had its evening
goes into forever stillness
 and weeps
for questions 
are never answered
and only wisdom 
rescinds its invitation
between here 
and far away
for death is always 
here in everything
and the derelicts  
need no words 
a hand reaches 
out to you
 that you do not touch
chills you 
to the gut
kills you 
vile circumstance
suffers long
why do we behold 
for such a brief 
one may never find  
a meaning
in the howl of the 
on Alameda
the call of the wild
gives up its soul 
but not without 
a might struggle
oh divine justice
to be a part 
of the madness
and the triumph
to transcend physicality
to go quickly into
the eternal without fear
or  hesitation 
holding the last fragments
of this sweet journey
in a grace 
we never quite understand
I want to blend into it
become a part of the tapestry.
© 2012

“death is no bluff…but just another trick to learn” by Mitch Hicks

Death is no bluff...but just another trick to learn
Snapped thru the art gallery window in the very windy town of Bluff by Mitch Hicks. I did not see the name of the artist of this dark forboding painting. I dedicate this poem to the late Shirley Ballard who passed away this week and much loved by Lisa Thayer

Shirley Ballard 1925 – 2012

Actress and Miss California 1944

Life be can full of sunshine

Death comes as torment

Friendship drives compassion

For Lisa and Shirley they were of different times

Blending past with present

New tricks to learn

Sorrow breaks as the midnight tide slips away

She made you smile Lisa despite decay

Mitch Hicks – U.K.

Juicy Quotes…

Snap by Mitch Hicks – U.K.

“I always fear that creation will expire before teatime.”
-Sidney Smith
“The Infusion of a China plant sweetened with the pith of an Indian Cane.”
-Joseph Addison
“Ecstasy is a glass full of tea and a piece of sugar in the mouth”
-Alexander Puskin


“I don’t drink coffee; I take tea, my dear.”
-Sting, An Englishman in New York
“Tea with lemon please”
-Jerry Seinfeld, Seinfeld