“My Lemon Tree” by Vicki Batkin

My lemon tree has grown
Six are now oval
Perfect shades of green

I open my front door
Every time
A glorious smell
Wide-spreading branches
Allow my lemons to grow

It is bearing fruit
Rich fruit
Ripe fruit
Tart fruit
Succulent fruit

I can’t wait
To wrap my hands
Around their thick skin
Smell the fragrant oils
Squeeze out juices
From my light yellow

And, reload my fuckin’ life

Vicki Batkin

© 2011

“The Lemon Tree” by Vicki Batkin

I opened my front door
And saw a lemon tree
In all it’s glory
It breathes life
I fell in love

I will love this lemon tree
After the valiant blossoming
Is over
I will love this lemon tree
After the leaves have fallen
I will love this lemon tree
When it becomes frail

The moon is coming
In a little while
I will fall asleep
Wake up to my new lemon tree

I’ll pick the first lemon
Maybe I won’t
I’ll just sit
By the lemon tree
And talk
About the small things
That happened
In my day

Vicki Batkin

© 2011

“Stampede Of Presence” by Vicki Batkin

His spirit dances into my semi-conscious mind,
while I’m under the influence of the needles.
I feel peace.
“Did you relax?” she says,
as she enters the room,
to extract the thin sharp stainless steel from my body
Yes, I reply with my bones feeling heavy.
Gingerly, I sit up,
and notice a bright orange shoe-horn,
clinging to the coat-hanger.
It’s the only color
in this small, pale room.
And, it’s over a foot long.
I did not notice that when I arrived.
Through the dust from the stampede,
I wipe my eyes and look again.
He used a shoe-horn.
and long.
“For Christ-sake, use a shoe-horn”
He would say, over and over
“You can’t ruin the integrity of the shoe”
“And the sock will suffer as well”.
Of course, I thought,
wearing a baby’s brain
with an old man’s heart.
I don’t need knowledge
when I found wisdom
Sometimes Good is better than Clever
I promise to never ruin the integrity of the shoe
I promise the sock will not suffer
I promise to use a shoe-horn.
If you promise to keep showing up

Vicki Batkin

© 2011

“WHO GIVES A SHIT!” by Vicki Batkin


Elizabeth Edwards looses her battle
“The Big C”
Cut to
Angelina and Brad
At the premiere of her new movie
She’s wearing a sweater dress
Cut to her thigh
Cut to Mark Wahlberg
Christian Bale
At the premiere
The Fighter
Cut to
Looking for elder care facilities
For my elderly parents
They boast
“Celebrity parents reside here”
“Who gives a shit?”
Says, my husband
Does anyone really care about Elizabeth Edwards?
Does anyone really care about the elderly, if they don’t have a famous child?
Does anyone care that I’ve had a headache for two days?
Does anyone care that I was three pounds thinner
Last week
I am
This week?
Does anyone care
That Obama
Will wave the Estate Tax
To gain
Political ground???
Three kids lost their mother today
Angelina and Brad
At her premiere

Vicki Batkin

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2010

“it only takes a moment” by Vicki Batkin

there he was,
in my rear mirror
took my breath away.

he didn’t notice me,
he was following her.

weaving in and out of cars,
like a handsome braid
graceful, yet manly.
his glistening black hair
matching his Harley

sitting tall and statuesque-like,
he turned.
i could see my reflection
in his glasses,
where did i go?

he caught up.

he nodded.
she smiled.
i shrunk.

they can’t see
what lies ahead.
the lust,
the love,
the comfort,
the happiness,
the blows
the disappointment…

it was there,
in that moment
i saw it all,
i lived it all,
i had it all.

and now,
i’m invisible.

how could a lifetime
end up in a moment?

Vicki Batkin

L. K. Thayer’s Foto Fetish

© 2010

“It Doesn’t Make Sense” by Vicki Batkin


So much disparity among us
Not much sense in being tawdry

To me, at least
Ringo turns 70 this week.

I don’t like the art of noise
Nor the openness of silence
I do like the honesty of both
However, it doesn’t take much
To heap a cheap man!

All these thoughts
Jam my brain
How could it make sense
To the common man?
I’d give you the privilege
To walk inside my brain
But I’ll reserve that
For my adoring husband

It’s getting foggy now
It wasn’t when we started
I think I should take a nap
Maybe it’ll stir things up
And land in a dream
How can it be…
Ringo turns 70 this week?

Vicki Batkin

© 2010

“Memorial Day” by Vicki Batkin

Pretending to ride the Grapes of Wrath
Pretending to walk the line
Pretending to make no sense.

There are so many reasons for misunderstanding
There are so many reasons for 2 sides
There are so many reasons for unearthing the romances
There are so many reasons for firing on enemy ground
There are so many reasons for TRUTH

Why would there be a memorial
Why should there be a Memorial
Why will there continue to be ‘THE’ Memorial

I don’t know to judge
I don’t know the stories
I don’t know the ‘why’
I don’t know the ‘what’
I don’t know enough…

I do know my bicycle stopped at the Pier
I do know the flags were up
I do know there were pictures
I do know some had 1 leg
I do know some had none
I do know there were 3 legged dogs
I do know enough to be sad
I do know enough to feel uncertain
I do know enough to see that….
Oh well….
“Don’t ask…Don’t tell”

Pretending it is only another Monday
Pretending it is only a matter of fact
Pretending it is the day before Tuesday
Pretending that skateboarders are only skating
Pretending to not know
Pretending to not care
Pretending to not see
Pretending to love
Pretending that it is only Monday.

Vicki Batkin

Photo by L. K. Thayer


“Battle Of The Heros” by Brandon Lee Bjornson (age 11)

There they stood,

Achilles and Ajax ,


Over treasures

Of one of our dead soldiers

That had been killed in the sage

Of troy.

As everybody watched,

As they fought to

The death.

Everyone cheered

For courage,

Everyone cheered

For vengeance,

But worst of all

Everyone cheered

For either one’s death.

Achilles and Ajax

Threw spears

And clashed swords

And shields at each other.

Dust rose around

The battle field.

Everyone wondered

Who would win…..

Brandon Lee Bjornson

All Rights Reserved

© 2009