“Tho I Have Not A Poem…” by Kari Pratt Bishop



Tho I have not a poem,
I want to share with you
a glimpse on my first morn
of 2011.
I woke up early as I do
and my cats Zack and Abbie were there
on the empty spot for them
to look outside.

They see I’m awake…
it is a new day in what year?
We spent the New Year with party hats, honkers,
and my friend and her two six year old grandsons,
Roman and Gabriel.
Smart, kool kids,
We played CRANIUM …

As I lay in bed this a.m.
the snow was falling
so beautiful
and the gratitude
for my warm bed and my kitties
and the beautiful flakes of snow…
gratitude, gratitude.
This a ramble
no poem.

Kari Pratt Bishop
© 2011