“Stampede Of Presence” by Vicki Batkin

His spirit dances into my semi-conscious mind,
while I’m under the influence of the needles.
I feel peace.
“Did you relax?” she says,
as she enters the room,
to extract the thin sharp stainless steel from my body
Yes, I reply with my bones feeling heavy.
Gingerly, I sit up,
and notice a bright orange shoe-horn,
clinging to the coat-hanger.
It’s the only color
in this small, pale room.
And, it’s over a foot long.
I did not notice that when I arrived.
Through the dust from the stampede,
I wipe my eyes and look again.
He used a shoe-horn.
and long.
“For Christ-sake, use a shoe-horn”
He would say, over and over
“You can’t ruin the integrity of the shoe”
“And the sock will suffer as well”.
Of course, I thought,
wearing a baby’s brain
with an old man’s heart.
I don’t need knowledge
when I found wisdom
Sometimes Good is better than Clever
I promise to never ruin the integrity of the shoe
I promise the sock will not suffer
I promise to use a shoe-horn.
If you promise to keep showing up

Vicki Batkin

© 2011

“A Slice Of Orange, A Time For Juice” by Stephen Kalinich

Stevie Kalinich - Photo by Jill Jarrett

“Wisdom comes in small doses
nothing is forgotten
each memory is forever
each dance
a testament
that we still are life
with all its challenges and pitfalls..
Only the striving must cease
and we must become quiet
for the true self to emerge
through the chaos and perplexity.

Under the rock
there is a diamond
we have to polish it
and the diamond is us
each unique
when we find our own voice
it reveals itself to us
forward happens
we can not stop it…
dominion is our birthright..
all is only as real
as we make it
the thoughts we give power to
can shape and sculpt our lives.
Blaming is a street not to travel.
Let those
who have wronged us go
and let our resentment go too.

Songs of the self pour out of us
when our hearts sing
all is in the way
the notes are brought to life
and sound.
Now it is time for breakfast.
For a slice of Orange
A Time for juice…

Stephen Kalinich

All Rights Reserved

© 2010

“Indurated” by The Dark Lord

The stone pillars
Defying the passage of time
Stand tall and proud
The sun kissed warmth radiating
A sense of endurance
A saga of untold events
Etched in stone
The very wierd, quiet melodrama
Yet serene and camouflaged
A testimony of omnipresence
Of survival and longevity
And of timeless wisdom

Deriving from the strength within…

The Dark Lord

All Rights Reserved

© 2010