“The Tormentor” by Angela Cohen

My tormentor has bound me to invisible chains

He likes to say that I am at his mercy

I have to withstand the barrage of his daily verbal abuse

and pretend that I enjoy his company

I long to go home, but he says that he needs a companion—

Someone who can tolerate his dark soul, his unpredictable moods

and his unacceptable behavior

I have begged and pleaded with him to let me go

I’ve promised him riches, but he says none of that matters to him

He is happy to see me suffer

He likes to see me fall into despair

I feel foolish for falling into his trap

Like a helpless insect trapped in an elaborate spider’s web

I slowly drown in fear and utmost sorrow

As he takes my hand and leads me to an eternal inferno

Angela Cohen

Photo by VC Ferry

All Rights Reserved

© 2010