“I Hope Of (My Simple Dream)” by Stephen John Kalinich

I hope of having enough room

to hang all my clothes up

without having them all hidden

in wooden trunks

and boxes.

I hope of having space

to hang my Art work

and my Paintings.

I hope of not worrying about

where I will live next month.

I hope of not

having to worry

about Medical or Dental insurance.

I hope of having energy for everything.

I hope of finding

an outlet for my work.

I hope of knowing my rightful place

in the Universe.

I hope of making a contribution to humanity.

I hope of World Peace.

I hope of a World

where we are all family.

I hope of a World

where we are not selfish.

A world where we think of others.

I hope of a World

where we feed the hungry.

I hope of the World

where everyone has a place to sleep.

I hope of a World

where Arabs and Jews

do not hate each other.

Where they

do not blow each other up.

I hope of a World

where people do not cheat and steal.

I hope of a World

where the rich

and famous are not favored.

Where all men

and women are equal.

I hope of a World


Blacks and Hispanic’s

and all minorities

have the same rights

as all of us.

I hope of a World

where people

do not have to live on the street.

I hope of a World

where we can awaken the possibility

within us all.

I hope for a World

where I live my love

and just do not talk about it.

I know

I must take the steps myself


Acts of Love

Live it out

in my experience.
I hope of a World
© 2011

“A Poem For You” by Anne Norda



Whether 2010 sucked or rocked

I invite you to say goodbye

to the songs unsung

to the words unspoken

to the wishes that didn’t fly


Say farewell to each regret

to every stumble and every fall

let go of all your karmic debts

get ready to have a ball


Au revoir each lapse of faith

Adios to unbidden fears

Sayonara to loss and sadness

Moi moi to those wintery tears


Then turn your cheek from sorrow to sappy

Prepare to make New Year’s vows to “Be happy!”


Each year I fool myself into thinking

that I could lose those pounds and stop drinking

I continue to chant the chant of possibility

and chug my last champagne at some festivity


I even do a silly “let go” ritual

burn the past and create a future virtual

emblazoned in my notebook to be read

once in the morning and every night before bed


I brainwash myself into thinkin’

that if I lose weight and stop drinkin’

my life will improve in great measures

and angels will guide me to endless treasures


A million bucks will magically fall in my lap

and my mystery dream man won’t be a sap

all my projects will suddenly manifest

and my poems will always be the best


If hope springs eternal, then with this poem I declare

that THIS YEAR will conjure all our dreams from thin air

but most sincerely, I pray for me and for you

that WORLD PEACE will inch its way to coming true.

Photo & Poem by Anne Norda

© 2010