“Cherry Black Blood” by Kay Bess

Let’s outgrow our selves and be something bigger
Let’s forget them who ruined us, and be new and ripe and sweet
Let’s not go to a grave of their making
Let’s not let them win.

They cut from us our youth and beauty
But we know better, you and I
Though we crack and moan in winter’s rime
Our perennial Spring will soon become.

You’ll be my sun, and I’ll be your rain
We’ll soak up and stir and spill into each other
Climbing, reaching, blooming our way
To maybe, to somehow, to yes.

By the dogged and cherry black blood that teems through my veins
I swear I’ll never take your heart from you.
I will love you and the fruit of your future yet to be born on your steep stone hill
Not for what it might give me, but for what it’s given you –
Birthed in your dreams, formed by your hands –
Hope… promise… life.

Kay Besswww.sometimeslife.com

© 2008

“When You Wake Up” by L. K. Thayer

Photo by VC Ferry

Photo by VC Ferry

you wake up
and you go to
the office
or wherever
you’re s’pose to be
you punch the

time clock
and it
punches you back

you work all day
to beat

the traffic
and it beats
you up

and you wonder
about your dreams
and where’s your slice
of paradise
and what happened
to your youth

and the kids are

all grown
and some are
moving back

and you wonder
what you’re gonna be

when you grow up
and you

it’s not

too late


L. K. Thayer

All Rights Reserved

© 2009

“At The Lake” by L. K. Thayer

Photo by L. G. Pratt

Photo by L. G. Pratt (me in the center ring)

we rode upon broomstick horses
galloping through the thick thorn forest
dragonflies hovering
plucking the plumpest raspberries
ripe and sweet, from crowded bushes
generously heaving

inexhaustible, our imaginations followed
every footprint
our shadows danced, lit by the man in the moon
we left no stone or cartwheel unturned
felt the moss squish between our stubbed toes
washed our feet in the sand of the blue lake

she was always there to greet us
the lake, loyal and lucid
the sound of her
reassuring shore beckoned
waiting to cup us in her watery hand
guiding us
float our dog paddling cherub bodies
teaching us
as her loving waves caressed
our rosebud cheeks

beautiful, bountiful, bliss filled summers
roll off my memory like pearls dropping
one by one, off a necklace in need of repair
memories, I gather up and tuck safely in a jewel box
just as my grandmother Audrey would’ve done

in the dense lilting air
mosquito bitten arms wave
in remembrance of innocence
of youth unencumbered

the balmy summers of nature’s breast
beating like the wings of a morning dove
soft, gentle, humid
clinging to the child
in all of us

L. K. Thayer

All Rights Reserved

© 2009